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Remembering Jack Wilson

Few people in life embody the love and affection for golf like Jack Wilson.  He was a voracious collector, voluminous storyteller, and vivacious soul.

NWHP is sad to announce that Jack passed away on August 19, a victim of cancer.  As co-founder of Northwest Hickory Players, simply no one was more passionate about the game, or the camaraderie ensuing from our gatherings than Jack.  He was a stranger to no one and had a immediate smile and inquisitive ear for everyone he met… and Jack met a lot of people in his time.

Our thoughts are with his wife, Donna, and their extended family.  Jack faced his last days with strength and grace – no surprise to those who knew him – opting to end his life at home surrounded by his family, rejecting medical intervention or extra-special efforts.

Wilson was certainly a pioneer of the hickory golf community in the West, amassing very substantial collection of period and modern clubs over many decades, and was seen until his final hours in his shop tinkering with his clubs.  His interests were wide ranging and his knowledge, pervasive.

Jack visited with Rob Ahlschwede and Martin Pool in recent days, among others, and made clear that his desire was to mark his legacy and friendships through the game and with a spirited gathering of any and all who – like us – benefited though a close associations with this singular, gentle, witty and engaging man.

NWHP will announce a gathering in Jack’s honor in the coming days and we sincerely hope you can join us as we bid farewell to our dear friend and colleague as he wished – with joy, gentle ribbing and the sharing of stories.






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10 thoughts on “Remembering Jack Wilson

  1. Jerry Olson

    As you pass thru the Gates of heaven Jack, be sure to ask for the bus to the golf course! The green fees are free!, and, so is the beer! I will miss you my good friend & mentor!

  2. Craig Healy

    Truly a good and warm person. One of the guys I gravated to at the Hickory outing. I am tearing up writing this. God Bless you and yours!

  3. Kevin Austero

    Hard to believe such an honorable and good man is gone,a true joy to have met jack and his one of a kind humor and Witt that will be missed at all gatherings,godspeed see you in time,

  4. Robert Birman

    The overwhelming sentiment for me is happiness for Jack. He had such gusto and there was never a question about what Jack felt about an issue. He loved debate and discourse and embraced us all, beginner and expert alike, with the same twinkle in his eye and occasional salty word or two. He seemed to live life as he played golf; with no regrets and an anticipatory wonderment about what could happen next. Good on you, friend!

  5. Ben Biggers

    Robert, I don’t think I could say it better then you have. Jack was a man worth knowing – his infectious personality and his humor made it a pleasure to walk the fairways with him, hickories in hand. Till our next we meet, God bless you, Jack, you made golf and life better for all those whose lives you touched.

  6. Audrey Van Ackeren

    Donna & Family
    I know the personality, love of life and bigger than life effect on people that Jack and many family members have had in history. Although I only knew of Jack in short times at family reunions over the last 20 years, I knew the resemblance of family and love of family, Donna, I hope you know that the fun and life will be missed by many, but for you and Jacks children it will be a memory and I hope a smile that will carry you on. My heart is heavy for all of the family members, may you share the stories, laugh and it will always be like yesterday. I know everyone will have a story, or a memory or just a great story. Jacks life was shared in a unique way, I hope you can smile more than grieve, and laugh more than cry. Although there will be a lot of both. Love and prayers during this time

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