Honoring Jack Wilson September 17

Our gathering for Jack will be held at the Oakbrook Golf Course Clubhouse on Sunday, September 17 at  10:30 a.m.  The morning time gives people time to get to Seattle for the Seahawks game if they have tickets and allows the rest of us plenty of time to get next to a television to watch, if interested.

Click here for directions.

Before and after the service, there will be a sale of golf clubs, bags and books.  Donna, Jack’s wife, thought that doing this would be a good thing, so we will be taking a lot of Jack’s collection to the clubhouse, putting it on display for sale.

I have gone thru the wood shafted clubs and there are approximately 28 “sets” of irons that Jack put together and wrapped and priced.  There are approximately 35 separate Tom Stewart irons that are priced to sell, as well as Gibson, Spalding, Nicoll, H&B, and more.  Some are quite valuable, but many are in the “under $100” category.

Please spread the word to our hickory world so anyone who wants to share in the day, celebrating Jack’s life, can be there with us.  And tell them to bring their checkbooks to help disperse Jack’s collection and raise some needed funds for Donna to use going into the future.

Rob Ahlschwede