2022 Washington Classic Golf Invitational

NWHP Disclaimer: Playing golf with post-1935 equipment may be damaging to your health.

Ever wonder why top professionals like Tiger and Ricky practice with persimmon clubs? It sharpens their ball striking and it’s fun as hell.

Have some classic clubs? Dust them off, Windex the grips and come out and play. Don’t have a set but want some? eBay is your destination – entire sets for under $100. Want to play and don’t have a set? Sign up and let us know – some of us have more than one set so we can share.

Sign up today and get ready to have a blast.

Room for 20 Players

5 tee times – 1:20 – 1:30 – 1:40 – 1:50 – 2:00 PM

WSGA rate: $61 + tax + cart (if desired) – pay at check in

Side games are optional

Equipment and Rules:

Blades and wood headed clubs from the 1910s – 1990

Play any ball you want

Use any legal distance measurement device you want, even a space laser

Hosted by Jimmy Bucher and Goose Guenette

“Come play the Home Course with persimmon and blades and compete to get your name on the “Goose/Bucher” trophy on June 12, 2022″

Complete rules will be sent out after registration, or use this link Event Rules

This is the 2nd annual. Come take the trophy away from Dan Nelson, or have fun trying!

Goose and Jimmy