The love for the history of the game runs through the veins of all hickory golfers.

Explore a bit of the lore of “the auld game” with these special items…




LORE:  Arnold Palmer on Playing Hickories vs. Steel from a 1972 Tournament Magazine in Yakima, WA

BOOK REVIEW: Allan Robertson & Tom Morris
BOOK REVIEW: The History of Royal Blackheath Golf Society
BOOK REVIEW: The Philadelphia Cricket Club: America’s Oldest Country Club 1854-2004
BOOK REVIEW:  Harold H. Hilton: Modern Golf (1913)
BOOK REVIEW – Joyce Wethered: Great Lady of Golf
BOOK REVIEW – George Nicoll of Leven

INTERVIEW:  Ten Questions with Perry Somers

HISTORY:  St Andrews—Cesspool to Sanctuary: The impact of Sir Hugh Lyon Playfair
HISTORY:  Tom Dunn, Clubmaker, Player, Architect and More
HISTORY: The 1913 Professional International Match at Versailles
HISTORY:  From Champagne Corks to the Haskell: Sandy Herd
HISTORY:  11 Victories in 1887, John Laidlay invented the grip used by the vast majority of golfers
HISTORY:  Props for the Man: James Braid – 5 Time Open Winner
HISTORY:  The Foulis Brothers: Scottish-American Golfing Pioneers
HISTORY:  The MacGregor Golf Company: The Early Years
HISTORY:   “Handsome Johnny” Farrell 
HISTORY:  Golfing Pioneer Allan Robertson
HISTORY:  Arnaud Massy: A Frenchman with the soul of a Scot
HISTORY:  Read about our players’ favorite original clubs and their provenance

LOCAL HISTORY: Niblick & Spoon Restaurant at Jackson Park in Seattle
LOCAL HISTORY:  How Golf Began in the Northwest (USGA 1953)
LOCAL HISTORY:  Evidence Shows History Got the Wrong Man: Seattle Times (2015)
LOCAL HISTORY: Arthur Vernon Macan: Pacific Northwest Legend
LOCAL HISTORY:  The Short, Spectacular Life of Paradise Golf Course, Mount Rainier
LOCAL HISTORY:  Tacoma’s Jim Barnes was a thinking man’s golfer

COLLECTING: Shaw’s Silver Quaich

EDITORIAL:  Hooked on Hickory: a Feature Piece in the Eugene (OR) Register-Guard
EDITORIAL – What’s in a Name … the Club Professional’s Mark by Martin Pool

FEATURE:  Jim von Lossow featured in Summer PacNW Golfer Magazine

KUDOS: The NWHP “Hickory Dodo Club” (Holes in One!)